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I’m sure this has been discussed by commenters, but I wanted to give this a standalone post as well.

There seems to be some consensus that the satellite video purportedly was captured by NROL-22 (or USA-184) based on both the (cropped) written data on the recording. To reiterate, this satellite launched on the 28th of June 2006 from Vandenberg Air Force Base (which was recently connected to UFOs in the congressional hearings).

According to public information, that satellite carries a SIGINT Payload, which is described as an airborne signals intelligence platform specifically for the MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAV.

The MQ-1C entered into service in 2009, and is thought to be the specific model shown in the thermal imaging video. This is in part due to the sensor system being mounted below the right wing ofthe aircraft. The seams visible on the front of the aircraft are also consistent with this drone, as are the heat signatures seen on those seams.

So, what the videos themselves show are the NROL-22 (USA-184) satellite serving it’s intended function of providing signals intelligence for an MQ-1C Gray Eagle, within the orbital parameters of the NROL-22, and in a known operational area of the MQ-1C_FINAL.pdf) in 2014.

What does this mean? Well, assuming the video is a hoax, it would either have to be real operational footage manipulated by someone with access to said footage, OR carefully created by someone with intricate knowledge of how these systems are equipped, how they work together, and where they operate.

In either case, it seems very unlikely that an amateur animator would have put these pieces together and generated the footage, at least on their own.

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