Who is John St. Clair?

Quick note: This post (and my last 2) are not directly about UFO’s, but I feel they provide interesting context as we try to decipher what is and is not possible.

I believe this paper by Eric Davis was entered into the record during the UAP testimony:

Teleportation Physics Study


Here is the conclusion of the teleportation section:

At present, none of the theoretical concepts explored in this chapter have been brought to a level of technical maturity, where it becomes meaningful to ascertain whether any form of e-Teleportation is theoretically possible between extra space dimensions and different or parallel universes/spaces. However, there is the exception that traversable wormholes (three- and higher-dimensional) provide a solid physics principle for the implementation of teleportation between parallel universes/spaces

From there I started looking online using the search phrase “manipulating gravity or electromagnetism to teleport” and found that someone named “John St. Clair” had patented a “Full body teleportation system” in 2004:


A summary of that invention:

It is the object of this invention to teleport a human being from one location to another by creating a pulsed gravitational wave traveling through hyperspace that asymmetrically compresses and expands the quantum wells of the human energy being. This spacetime curvature distortion of the hyperspace quantum wells pulls the physical body out of dimension such that the human being is teleported along with the wave. As the pulsed wave moves on past the quantum wells, the human is brought back into dimension at some distant location. The invention requires (1) a device that will generate a wormhole between space and hyperspace, and (2) a device that will generate a gravitational wave which can be inserted through the wormhole.

I started looking further into John St. Clair and ended up finding quite a few patents that this person has filed for:

Rotating electrostatic propulsion system

Electric dipole spacecraft

Walking through walls training system

Photon spacecraft

Magnetic vortex wormhole generator

Permanent magnet propulsion system

Magnetic monopole spacecraft

I did find a LinkedIn profile for a John St. Clair with the employer listed as the Hyperspace Research Institute – however these can be set up by anyone and there isn’t much here:


I am wondering if it is possible that breakthroughs related to teleportation or electromagnetic manipulation were tested on MH370, and what we are seeing is the “gravity well” or whatever you want to call it that is produced as the object is teleported (damn I feel crazy typing that.) I think “earthly” teleportation might potentially explain why some communication data still existed after it’s “disappearance” – perhaps it was still here just in a way that we were unable to perceive, before being re materialized elsewhere.

I hope someone else finds this interesting.

Edit: I should have specified that yes these are abandoned patents. It is interesting to me that they are all tied to the same person – wondering if this could be a quack, a shared identity that a group uses, or something else. Just thought it was interesting.

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